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Friday, February 10, 2006

New acts_as_taggable on it's way from the Heinmiester

Is there a newer version of the acts_as_taggable plugging on the way from the loud thinker himself?

While checking out Chad Fowler's Rails Recipes pre-purchased (still haven't purchased it yet but I'm close), I noticed there were excerpts of certain sections. One of the available excerpts being the Tagging recipe. I decided to take a look hoping to see if I needed to update my acts as taggable short I wrote up a few months ago. So I'm looking through it and read...

David Heinemeier Hansson’s acts_as_taggable plugin...

followed by

• Rails 1.1 or above. The acts_as_taggable( ) plugin relies on the polymorphic
associations feature of ActiveRecord, which was added
after Rails 1.0.

Woah woah, wtf!?!?! Where can I get some of this lovin! The doc itself mentions it's as easy as

ruby script/plugin install acts_as_taggable

and you're off and running. You will most likely have to be working with edge rails due to the polymorphism of this plug in but cot dang does if it doesn't give your warm fuzzies. There really isn't any documentation for it yet, not even in the actual plugin itself but it basically looks like you need to create a taggings table and tag your taggable model with a acts_as_taggable. There's more information on it in Chad Fowler's book which I'm about to pick up...really...I promise.

I'll also write more about it when I get a chance to tinker with it.


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