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Monday, June 19, 2006

Rails Day sites

Rails day bought out some nice looking sites from some well known Railers. None from me (a whole Rails app in a day!?!?! I have three kids, and a wife!) but hey, there's always next year. Some noteable sites being a ticket tracker dubbed Advisr from Team Awsome, the Inductor from Concenration Studios, SimpleForms from Simplistic Complexity, WeRateStuff from WeBreakStuff and that's about all the clicking I felt like doing. You can view the other teams here. I would have to give the best name prize to team WWDHHD. That has to stand for What Would David Heinemeier Hansson Do...awsome, I don't know what he'd do but I cant' wait to see what this team came up with!

Good stuff all round.

p.s. especially from mr. hasmanythrough himself...


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